Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gymnastics, laundry and road construction

"Hurry up Seth, don't you want to go to gymnatics?"
*screeeeeecch, bang rattle clank vroom vroom screeeeeech*
"SETH, get over here so I can put your clothes on we are gonna be late!"
*dig through MASSIVE pile on laundry to tackle today trying to find something that resembles outfit*
*screeeeeeeeeeeeech BANG BANG BANG errrrrrrrrrrrrk*
"SETH ALLAN, I am going to count to 3 and if you do not have your naked little tush over here, you are going be stay at home with me. No toys, no t.v. no outside, but you are going to help mommy clean ALL DAY LONG"
*screeeech, BANG BANG BANG vroom vroom crash yelling men*

Clothes on, lunch fixed, grab key, glance in mirror as going out door, "great I forgot to fix my hair and I slept on it wet, Oh well, now where did I set those keys again?" grab Seth again and make it out door.

You have got to be kidding me. All the road construction going on is on BOTH sides of my house and I'm stuck in the middle. So I yell at the men already yelling, about to be very upset if they don't move the big honkin pieces of machinery out of my way so I can get my kid to class because I NEEEEED this day to myself

Get them to clear me a way, and we make it. Late but we make it!

I had many battle today, emotional, apiritual, everyday life, laundry and it seemed like one thing after another. I came home but couldn't get to my house. So I drove around and ended up at the laundry matt around the corner. I sat in a shaded part of my car and read my Bible. God gave me Philipians 4:6-9. You should read it. Finally made it home, had a good cry, talked and cried with John, asked friends for some prayers and had a talk w/dad. *Mom I miss you being at home so you can be here for talks too* It turned out to be a good day. There is a lot still left to work on but it's all going to be ok.

Go to pick up Seth and thankfully contrustion is over by now, but I was running late. I get there and he say "my mommy is here, gives me a big hug, see you didn't lose me" That's right Seth, I didn't lose you and so there is nothing to me be upset or worried about because you are still here. My day got even better.

I turned on the radio and was encouraged by many songs, too many to pick one so i'm going to put a playlist on here and add them as I can. Oh and Tonya, bet you can guess the running theme :P Yep, I have many new songs about Praise that I think you will enjoy.

When it's all said and done, just as Seth knows that I didn't lose him, I have to have the same faith that although I think God may be running a little late, he hasn't lost me.


Journey of Hope

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE your last line. "Although I think God may be running a little late....he hasn't lost me." Perfect. I may be using this same line somewhere some day. You never know. Thank you for this. Wow. You did have a bit of a stressful day. Still praying for you.

Is your mom out of town?

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