Saturday, May 9, 2009

Early Mother's Day

If Sunday is a completely uneventful day for me, then I will be fine. I was given my MD gift early this year, and he doesn't even realize it.

Friday while trying FOREVER to get Seth to take a nap, I was at my wits end. So instead of getting frustrated (i'm working on that) I told him he had to lay there till I was done napping. I leaned back against the wall and was seriously going to nap...I was pooped people.

I felt him slowly grab my arm and then give it a big squeeze. "mmmmmmm, I love you. You are the best mommy ever" I melted.

I swept him up, gave him a big hug and finally just relaxed a little and that's how he feel asleep, in a big hug.

So flowers, card, gifts, all that is nice and don't get me wrong i'll take 'em. But the unrehearsed little moments of a 2yr old is what makes it all the more special.

On a much less sentimental note, I have a funny Seth story. Now remember i'm writing this with his grandparents in mind too but my big mouth calls them every time he does something cute, so this site it totally useless to them. I'm sure they won't mind hearing it again. Here's what happened.

We got in trouble for saying our first "bad" word. He got frustrated and said "oh dangit" So I told him that we don't say that word and tried to replace it with bummer. He however, had his own ideas. Next time I heard "davnevit" I whipped my head around, what did you say. "davnevit". I cracked up. Where he has heard dagnabit (we are thinking apongebob) is beyond me. So if you are frustrated and at a loss for a word, give davnebit a try!


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