Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please forgive me

When I orginally committed to keeping a blog, it was with full intentions of it being about Seth and our family. However, the last couple days as God has really been doing a work in our life, it hasn't turned out that way. Life is going on as normal, Seth continues to amaze me daily and crack me up with silly little things, but the move God is doing in our life has really taken the front seat.

Yesterday, all of our family met to give the final inspection of the house I truly believe God has provided for us. As of last night John and I, after much prayer, sent word to go ahead with the purchase. I'm so excited, but as I tell people I find myself saying "Now keep in mind, it's a fixer-upper and with some paint and our own personal touch blah blah blah" The house is in by no means in unliveable state, it just an older home and like most could always use some updates.

I was in prayer today while Seth was in class and God spoke the strongest I believe I have EVER heard him speak to me. It was while listening to Third Day sing This is my offering. The song spoke of not having much, but my life is what I have to offer you Lord. Then WHAM!!!!

Listening to the words of that song, God said "Kristi I answered your prayers. I gave you EXACTLY what you asked for. But when I blessed you with it, you turned your nose up and said...Thanks but it's not really good enough. Forgive me Lord.

When John and I prayed, we prayed for a larger home, I remember saying these exact words..."Lord I would love a 3bd 2ba house in the Whitesboro area. We really need to have the 3rd bedroom with the baby coming and we are sharing one bath right now, so if we can only have one bath that is ok, if we can just get that 3rd room."

At that time we were looking at rent houses and I remember also saying that if we could find someone to owner finance that would be such a blessing!!!
Well the Lord provided exactly that. 3bd, 2ba in Whitesboro, owner finance for exactly the price range that will help us get out there, but not put us over our head.

When we were contacted about this offer-yes WE were contacted-we were hesitant. Then when we went to go look at it the first time, we saw an older home that needed repairs. It wasn't one of the new built homes that is our ideal home with new everything in it. So we went home and talked about how we liked it and could do work on it, but it wasn't really what we wanted. Which was really a nice way of saying it wasn't good enough.

I thought about how the Lord is looking for vessels to use. Many times I have asked the Lord for a way to be used by him, to forgive me and show me how I can be a servant. What if he would have taken a first glance at me, with all my faults and failures and said, Thanks but no thanks, your not really good enough!

I have learned a very important lesson today, as well as being extremely humbled. The Lord is good isn't he. I am so glad he saw the potential in this "fixer upper" and saw that with a good scrub, fresh coat of paint, I could turn out to be exactly what was needed.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers, for daily reminding me of your love and for continually seeing past my faults to what lies within.


Journey of Hope

I LOVE Third Day and had never heard this song. This is my prayer. That He will just take my life and use me. Thank you for sharing this touching story. God is going to continue to bless us if we will submit ourselves to Him and allow Him to use us. Our prayers are working! I am so excited to see what prayer will be answered next.


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