Friday, May 8, 2009

First song that I sing

For the last month or so I have REALLY been trying to work on having a closer relationship with God. Then this Wednesday I had a very bad day. We are expecting our 2nd baby in Nov. and Wed. is when I just got sick of wearing my 3 versions of sweats that are the only things I can still fit into. So it was one of those "I don't have anything to wear, my hair looks like poop, where did these 17 chins come from? And if my husband would have so much as looked at me wrong...BAM!" I even warned him he might not want to come home for lunch because it was a no win day for him!

So I dress my sweats up as much as I can, and take Seth to class. After dropping him off, the radio caught my attention. I'm sure this song has been playing for a while, but if it doesn't have farm animals in the title then I probably haven't heard it :P

I just caught the very end, but it was enough to turn my day around. It's funny how God works,cause that very night we finally got some news that we have been waiting for. It was the go ahead to be able to discuss a life changing opportunity with our family. We have been on pins and needles, because we deperately want to make the right decision and need all the prayer and guidance we can get. But had I heard this news when I was having an emotional breakdown, my reaction would have been completely different and I don't think I would have been as open to what God may be leading us to do. God knew what I needed to hear and what was going to happen. Even though I can't see the end, he is there leading my every step. As long as I listen that is-which is hard for me. I just really wish God would clear his plans through me first so I know what we're doing!!!!! :)

So here is the song I heard, and I have found myself trying to live this. I was so tired this morning after getting off work, but I couldn't lay down and rest because this song was so strong in my head. I spent some time in prayer and singing what I could remember of the song and apparently I got peace because I woke up when Seth told me I wasn't sleepy anymore. Then he dragged the covers off me and said "it's wakeup time mommy, Seth want baby fruit" (these are the little cutie pie oranges he loves)
Haha, he also spit one out and told me he doesn't like the ones with little peanuts in them!!! This is such a fun age! But i'm off topic.



I have never heard this song. I listen to KLOVE all the time. I love that station but get tired of the same ol' songs being played. Was this a local station you heard it on (in Sherman)? I really really like it.

Living a BLESSED life!

It was on 94.9 KLTY. I think it's out of Dallas so you might be able to get it. I really liked it too.

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