Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just what I needed

I have been so quiet about it, that I'm sure none of you noticed I've been stressed over finals and ready for school to be over.  It's not like I mentioned anything about it here, here, or here!

Last night was a day after Mothers Day celebration dinner at Carino's, with the mom's group I'm a part of.  I had been looking forward to it all week, but as the day rolled on life happened and it would have been easier just to call it quits and not go.  Sooo glad I didn't!

I had a wonderful dinner with the most fabulous ladies last night.  I enjoyed every minute of our conversation, and it was more than just the superficial daily chit-chat.  One of the nice evenings where everyone opens up a little and you feel that you really get to know them on a more personal level.  Love nights like that.
must have been the free dessert that brought it out!

So thankful and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful ladies.  I needed last night more than even I realized.  So glad I went...thanks guys!

Super excited for our next get together in June...salsa and topas because we are amazingly awesome like that!


Amanda @ Life in bloom

That sounds so fun! I'm glad you had a good night, I really need to get myself down there for things!


That does sound like fun - girlfriends are the best. I was about to ask if you meant Carino's as in Johnny Carino's the Italian place but then when you mentioned the salsa and tapas I realize prooobably not. Hang in there through finals! For when you have time (sorry, I'm nosy): what are you studying?


It was at Johnny Carino's, one of my fav. places. The salsa and tapas are for our next month's get together!!!! :)

And for school, I'm doing a double major in sociology/psychology.

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