Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get your read on

About 3 wks ago, my super fabulous hubs surprised me with a nook color.  He had been asking me if I wanted one and I was really on the fence because I LOVE to hold  books and feel them in my hands.  I wasn't really sure how I'd feel some computer reader thing.  When I finally said, "yeah, I think so" it was no time and I had one. 

Makes me sound spoiled huh, well I am!  We've had a rough couple of years-5 to be exact, that we lived on the bare minimum, and I was fine with that.  We were still in such a better place than others in the world. It bothered my husband much more than it bothered me.  In the last year, my husband was blessed with a great job, and despite my protest, he feels the need to make up for things.  I'm not complaining, I'm kinda enjoying it-as long as he doesn't get too crazy.  But all that has NOTHING to do with this post.  Now where was I...oh yes, the nook!

I'm loving it!!!  I thought it would be a while before I really got to enjoy it because the end of school and having finals  But like I always do, I got my priorities in line and placed schoolwork at the bottom and went right to reading!!!  I've read 4 books in the last 3 weeks that didn't rhyme or have pictures with every page, and I instantly feel my brain power returning. 

I haven't read for pleasure in so long that I'm not even sure where to begin.  I found a great Christian author that I really enjoyed.  His story was a little predictable, but enjoyable none the less.   Check out Dan Walsh and his books The Unfinished Gift, The Homecoming and The Deepest Waters.  These were 3 of the 4 I read, and are quick easy reads.  I had all 3 finished in a week!

Some of the others on my list:
Water for Elephants
Life of Pi
All of Jody Picoult-I fell in love with her when I read My Sisters Keeper
There are a few I haven't read of Corrie Ten Boom and if you have never heard of her, I highly recommend checking her out.  Her story is AMAZING.  She was a survivor during the Holocaust and is a great inspiration!  Love everything of her's that I read.  The Hiding Place is a great one to start with!

Reading about reading is I'm sure not very interesting, so I'm ending this post, but first do you have any recommendations to add to the list? 



So glad you're getting spoiled! I'm going to have to come back to these when I need a good "read". :)

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