Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I'm overloaded her at finals week, but I need a mental break.  Since I'm pretty much brain dead, I thought I'd share a couple random things about me!

  • I hate white milk, but love chocolate milk.  However, I'm lactose intolerant so that doesn't work out so well! :(
  • If I do drink white milk I have to shake it to make it all frothy so it tastes less gross and flat.  Shake it next time and tell me it doesn't make a difference?!
  • My bread on a sandwich has to match up on all sides
  • I don't like anything once it gets soggy and if my food gets messed up I throw a whiny fit...just ask the hubs!
  • I love love LOVE cheese
Somehow that turned into a random post about my food issues.  Let me share some non food related tidbits!

  • Wrinkled sheets drive me nuts!
  • I love to read, but it's been so long that I no longer know what I like to read...any suggestions?!
  • I have never been into exercise, but recently discovered I really enjoy running
  • I love animals, especially dogs and cows.
  • On Thanksgiving and Christmas my brother gets his horses out and we take turns riding.  Something I look forward too each year!
  • I would kill to be able to pick up any instrument and just play...I love music!
  • My husband and I met by a weird chain of events and on our first date I didn't like him...AT ALL!!!
  • I love gardening and being outside
  • I love to dance
  • I love to bake and  before Aaron tinkered in cake decorating
  • When I started highschool I was a size 3, graduated a size 6 and am not even close to either of those now :(  Come on your thing!
  • Started this blog couple years ago, but it has only been this last year that I have really gotten into it. I have fallen in love with the blogging world. 
What are some randoms about you?



That is hilarious you didn't even like the hubs on the first date - my sister in law thought my brother in law was gay when she first met him! I love those stories. I will have to try that shaken milk trick! The running will pay off!


I loved this post! And it was very timely for me. You make me laugh. I'm gonna have to try one of these posts, but at the moment nothing is coming to me! I've been brain dead too lately...

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