Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Giveaway!!!!

So a while back I posted about trying to up my followers. I wanted to get to 20 and I assumed I'd want to continue growing, but eh that phase is kinda over.  Don't get me wrong,  I'd love for you to follow.  But I want you to follow because you enjoy reading my ramblings, not for a follow back-cause this gal don't follow unless I like to read your crap! :)

Also, yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!!!  So I can't think of a better day to celebrate 20 followers and my birthday than a giveaway!!! 

And since I'm in my 30's, I'm going to be giving away 3 different gifts!! I can give you an idea of what they will be but the exact colors may vary.  Does it really matter tho because who doesn't like getting something in the mail!!!!

Prize #1- For you crafters and such:  Idea from the lovely Mrs. Cheri from I am Momma, Hear me Roar- ck out the link she'll tell you what and how I'm going make them for you!

Prize #2- For the readers, a neat little handmade bookmarker!  Again from Cheri's page, too cute go look.
*you will have to go look at Cheri's page to see the pictures, I can't put them on my page to show you!
Prize #3- And for the cooks-not quite sure what this will be yet, but some handy dandy fun kitchen item.  I'm thinking a nifty recipe holder.  I have some really cute ideas.  Maybe something like this from A little Knick Knack, but I'm not sure yet?!

picture from A Little Knick Knack

How to enter:

No need to go and like a bunch of things!
No looking at someone elses stuff and reporting back to me.   But checking out the blogs that gave me the craft ideas would be nice, and you're nice right?!
Just leave a comment and tell me how fabulous I am, and you're done!

I'll pick a winner on Friday...good luck!!!


Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Well, it seems I am first. hee hee
First of all Happy Belated Birthday!
Secondly, you broke the "20" mold by 3...good for you!
Hope you have a fab day and fab week!
Peace...Naila Moon


First of all I love that we don't have to do all kinds of extra's just to enter. I hate that. Why can't people just make things simple. Anyways, haha, I'd love to win ANYthing you're giving away. Yes, I LOVE mail...and not the bill kind either.
You are EXTREMELY wonderful and goofy and energetic and crazy for being a full time student/mom/wife/friend/everything! :) Love ya girl. Hope I win!


Happy Birthday! I hope the day was special and that all your boys took good care of you! :)


Ummm just give me a prize!!!!!


Hahaha, I like Casie's comment.

Tiffani Rose

You are so silly, and I would love something homemade from you :)

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Virtual HIGH FIVE for leaving me a comment! I get all excited when I see them, like gettin something in the mail that isn't junk. They seriously make my day!!!!

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