Monday, June 7, 2010

OUCH, that was my toes!!!

About 3 weeks ago, we had a surprise baby shower for a friend that somehow turned into an impromptu karaoke night. When trying to decide to sing or not, the question was asked...What music do you like?

Simple question right...WRONG!

What DO I like? If it doesn't involve some theme song off of PBS, Disney, or Nick then I probably don't know it. Somewhere in the last 3 years of this wonderful journey called parenthood, I am no longer Kristi. I'm mommy, Seth and Aaron's mom or John's wife. These are titles that I wouldn't trade for the world, but are they doing my family, or me for that matter, justice?
Shouldn't I be something more? Isn't there more to me than that?

That one simple question has really got me thinking...If I don't know who "I" am, then who am "I" in the eyes of my husband and children? I can't speak for John, but for my boys right now it isn't much more than "the cook, the maid, kisser of boo boo's, and bed time drill sargeant" >While reading an article today Good Reason's Mom Needs a Vision this statement was made and my toes were instantly crushed. It's exactly my thoughts I hadn't been able to put into words yet in just one simple sentence! *I altered it just a bit to emphasis how it spoke to me.

We Cannot Lead Our Children If We Don’t Know Where We’re Going

WOW, that hit me hard. Do you fully understand the power that is in that statement. Not only is it so important to know who I am for me, but for my family. I can't be the wife or mother I need to be if "I" am lost. I'm not sure where to start exactly, but this article game me some good starting points. It's a good read even if you are not a parent so I recommend checking it out. In the mean time i'm off to find a long lost friend and i'll let you know when I find me!



Thanks for posting. That is definitely someting we struggle with as moms!

Tiffani Rose

Wow! That is so true! I have no idea who I am either. I need to read that article. I feel I have gotten lost as a mommy and a wife. I am sure that it is only multiplied when you stay at home day after day.

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