Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get your running face on

First, compliments to the photographer lol. Seth does a great job taking pics I think. He's so funny cause he fusses at us to hold still, then wants us to say 'fuzzy pickle'. But here's my red face for proof of my new running goals.

Tonight I went running in the backyard, which is really not a yard, it's more like a field. Anyway it is sooooo much better on me than running on pavement. I walked to get started, stretched, ran, walked to cool down, then came in and stretched some more. Now normally by the end of the night I'd be having leg cramps and shin splints so bad I'd want to kick everyone in sight. Tonight...nothing!

I'm going to keep up running in the evening and in the yard. I think i'll have better success with staying consistent. I never thought i'd enjoy running but I have to admit I do. I'm sooo thankful to my shoes that inspired me. I bought them, came home, wore them and they felt sooo good I had the urge to run. So here we are, running for the first time in my it.

So here's to new things and figuring out life. 30 just keeps getting better and better.


Tiffani Rose

That is great! Keep it up!


Way to go! Woo hooo!

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