Monday, June 28, 2010

Full steam ahead

So since Aaron has cut his 2nd tooth and they no longer seem to be bothering him, he has decided to take off with his other developmental skills. He has been so close to going from crawling to sitting himself up and yesterday he did it! He just needed to learn how to give that one little push. I'm still trying to catch him in action but no luck yet. Of course it happens every time I put the camera!

His little personality is just exploding too, and he loves to play bashful with the ladies. He talks and babbles all the time and loves for you to cheer for him so he can clap his hands. He is changing soo fast and I feel like I can't keep up. Slow down little man, your momma's emotions can handle it!

Last Friday, John surprised me with a date night. His mom had volunteered to keep the kids and he took her up on it and we had a nice dinner. It was long overdue. It was cute because when we told Seth he said "So we get to listen to Mema and Papa rules, not mommy and daddy rules?" He was excited about his night out too :)


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