Monday, May 31, 2010

OCD much?

So I have to be the weirdest person I know, and John will agree! It's funny to me how some things can be a complete mess and not phase me, while small insignificant things drive me bonkers.

My bed is one of them. I DETEST wrinkled sheets. I like them crisp and tight and if you don't want me to have thought of smothering you, JOHN, then you better not mess them up.
I have had this sheet obsession from a young age. Ask my sister, she has spent many nights in the closet, where I rolled her, because she flopped around while sleeping. *yes she's that deep of a sleeper that I could push her out of bed and roll her into the closet!!!
John does it to irritate me and does and excellent job of it. But really, how hard is it for him to accept this flaw and just put the covers on the bed correctly, with the lines of the comforter lining up with the edge of the bed and the exact amount hanging off on all sides?????? lol

Any Friends fans out there...the one where Monica explains how her covers have to face a certain direction??? :) i'm that bad.
For example this drives me nutso and almost makes it difficult for me to sleep in the bed knowing my sheets are like this. I'm sure you will all suggest therapy for me now!

Do you see how the fitted sheet all the sailboats are sail towards the headboard?
OK, so why turn the sailboats upside down for the flat sheet and have them going the opposite direction?!!!
AAAAAAhhhh drives me crazy. But why not turn the fitted sheet the other way, so all the sailboats are the same direction you ask. Well let me tell much as the direction drives me crazy, to not to have the tag, on the sheet, on the lower left corner of the mattress would drive me even MORE crazier. *I told you it was bad lol

So as I avoid going to sleep in my terribly incorrectly made bed, I can't hold my eyes open any longer. I was trying to wait for the other set of sheets in the dryer so I could wake John up, change the sheets and sleep peacefully but not gonna happen. Now you can all feel sorry for John for having to live with me :)


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