Friday, July 23, 2010

So far so good!

Ok so call me Amanda teehee! Amanda has always been great with the pictures, but I think it's funny we decided the same day to post our meal pics. You're my blogger hero Amanda lo

So, we are on day 3 of doing good with our foods. I did a lot of research on changing eating habits and how to encourage picky eaters. I have to say that I'm finding a lot of the problem to be me! I think because I expected mealtime to be a fight, that's exactly what I got. Now i'm trying to approach it in a positive way for both of us and make it a fun experience.

Seth has always been a great su chef and LOVES to help me cook dinner. He can crack a mean egg people. But now we are looking up recipies together and finding what he thinks looks good. Then i'm trying to focus our meals according to the ingredients in his. I'm behind on my dates, but you'll get the idea.

Wed lunch:
Octupus in the Sea (blue noodles with smokes sausage)

He helped me cook the noodles, put in the blue food coloring, then helped cut the octupus legs on the sausage. (he didn't know about the mixed veggie puree that went in the noodles before the food coloring he he)
He liked it so score one for creativity!

Since he was having smoked saugsage and noodles this is what we had. It was yummy!

Thursdays breakfast we all had parfaits:granola with dates, raisins and almonds, blueberries and kiwi as our fruit. I let Seth put the fruit in a baggie and smash it all up, then mixed it in his yogurt. He didn't eat all of it, but half was good enough.

This morning I was running slow cause I was up all night with the baby. John and I had scrambled eggs w/feta cheese and toast. Seth had slightly toast bread, pb with sugar free jelly and banana. Now one of the things I learned was sometimes they will eat something they used to eat if it's given to them in a different way. I remembered Seth loves toothpicks, so I sliced the banana and gave him a toothpick to eat it with. This was the result:

Ate it all and asked for more!!!!! It's been a long time since he's had a banana. Brother enjoyed them too.



Thanks for the shout out, haha! That's great that you're getting Seth to eat! Please keep posting the eating advice, we need it too!

Tiffani Rose

I am so glad that you are finding stuff that works for him! You are doing great mom!


Very cool! So, the blue sea was a veggie puree?


It was angel hair pasta, then it's actually mixed veggie babyfood mixed in, then he put in a couple drops of blue food coloring. But he was so excited about making it blue he didn't notice the noodles already had a sauce. The recipie suggested to use ramen noodles without the seasoning, I just didn't have any on hand.

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