Sunday, May 16, 2010

i'm 30!

So, 25 has really been the only age that has bothered me. This birthday I was actually very exciting about it. People always ask the question "So do you feel another year older?" Normally, my answer is no because the only thing that changed was my age, life went on as usual. However, this year my answer would be YES!!! I feel like i've hit a whole new something in life, and I LOVE IT!

I went to a wedding for my birthday and was excited to celebrate it that way. I'm normally a fairly self conscious person and try to hide behind my kids. Never one to want to be the center of attention, noticed or stand out. But my bday was different. I have been working on my weight, trying to eat healthier and blah blah blah. Well, one of my goals was to lose some weight and feel comfortable in a sundress and actually wear one to the wedding. So Sat came and the dress I had bought was waiting to be worn. I was a little nervous but decided to go all the way. Out came the dress, chunky jewelry, little more makeup than usual and in darker colors. And ya know felt good!

Once we got to the wedding (which was at Scarborough Faire by the way) I was 'captured' by one of the, whatever he was, and actually sang out loud and didn't feel embarrassed ~even tho John told me that my face and even my arms turned red lol.

I've always felt like a kid (sometimes I think my height has something to do with that, but that's a whole other therapy session!) and never taken seriously by some. I've always been very aware of what others have thought about me and the method we use in raising our kids. In a difference of just one day, my feelings are now i'm NOT a kid. I don't have time to worry about what you think of me, what i'm doing, how I look, or how you think I should handle my children. This new found confidence is amazing. If I had known that turning 30 would have brought this on, I would have turned 30 a long time ago. So to those of you who may be dreading it, if it treats you like it has me then i'd be saying BRING IT ON!!!!

And now for some bday pics :)
ps the unflattering pic in the car was just to show off my jewelry


Tiffani Rose

I am happy that you had a great bday and have found a new sense of confidence!!! You go girl!


You're looking great! I want the kind of confidence when I turn 30, to be able to stand up to some of my family (mostly my MIL) when I don't agree with something. :)

Love ya!


there's nothing better than a little confidence. good for you girl! you look beautiful!


Sounds like you had a great bday....and You look great Kristi!
P.S. I've been pouting about 'feeling like I look like a kid' so I hear ya!

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