Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's play catch up

I haven't posted a cute story about the boys lately so here we go.

Seth, I love it when he gets words confused to make new ones.

I am always telling John~who likes to pick at Seth~ 'John now don't get him stirred up'. Well the other day daddy was picking at him and Seth yells 'Daddy, don't get me mixed up' hahahahahahaa

He LOVES halloween, and is so ready for it to be here again. His newest thing is he wants to wear a monkey outsuit (monkey outfit or monkey suit = monkey outsuit) Then last night putting him to bed he told me he want to wear a monkey outsuit and drive a trash truck. Um ok, so I play along. Why a trash truck I ask. So I can drive down the road and say Ha Ha a monkey stole your trash. lol :P Oh the humor of a 3yr old.

Last but certainly not least,
We had a hard time listening yesterday and got in trouble. At night now when we are calming down for bed, he usually apologizes for how he's acted during the day. Sometimes for things I didn't know he did...I jokingly call it our confessional time. So this time he says...'mommy, i'm sorry im didn't listen. But when i'm dont listen to you it's because my ears are on commercial' bwahahahahahaah. I love it!!!!

Now Mr. Aaron:

He is growing like a weed. He has started with the cutest facial expressions lately. When you catch him looking at you and smile at him, he gets all bashful, turns his head to the side and gives you a very sheepish grin. It's the cutest thing ever. It is so funny to compare the different personality already with the two boys.
Aaron is less fussy, but soooo much more demanding. I believe that he is going to be much more stubborn than Seth...sheesh! He is IN whatever mood he is in 100%, whether that be happy, sad or MAD!!!! He a stinker for sure.

He is cooing and talking, and i'm surprised at how strong he is. He can be in a reclining position and it is nothing for him to use his stomach muscles to pull himself up to sitting. And with his sitting, he can sit up on his own for quite a while before falling to one side. It's happening so soon :(
And when it's time for food, he is so my child. He follows the food all the way up to your mouth then fusses when the bite didn't go to him. He's ready for a burger :)

I am enjoying being a mom of two boys sooo much. As gross and crude as they can be at times, i'm having a blast. I am in now hurry, but can't wait to see the men they will become. Until then tho, i'm enjoying this rainy day and a game of tickle monster is calling my name...



I must admit it would be pretty darn funny to see a monkey stealing trash & laughing!! :)

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