Monday, February 22, 2010

Will we ever be well?

Well, my boys are sick again :( I am so tired of the yucky nasty weather, and if the sun doesn't come out soon I may scream!!!!
We got both of them well, only to go one week and get it all over again. It started with a stomach bug for Seth and i'm afraid has turned back into bronchitis. He has such a hard time after being diagnosed with asthma. But, he has come a long way from this time last year and i'm still holding on for a complete healing.

My little man Aaron sounds awful and hope he does not follow in big brothers footsteps. His poor nose with such a nasty sounding cough and his all came out of nowhere. I'm worried and praying it is not RSV.

I will be trying to get them into the dr tomorrow but for now I started them back on the same medicine we were given for the last go around minus the antibiotics.

I hope that once we are back to being healthy to have a little time to catch up on this. I have some pictures to post and cute stories jotted down to share and even some new crafty stuff i'm working on. Till then, hope your families are staying healthy :)


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