Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Memories in the making

While reading a post on my friends blog I started thinking about the traditions we already have made, but new ones to add to it. Here are a few that we do.

Each year we all pick out a new ornament for the tree, then go get hot chocolate, drive through the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music (usually chipmunks)
Seth helps me bake cookies or some type of baked good to pass out to friends.
Before the boys were born, I found a book ornament at Walmart that said "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and was full of empty pages. I grabbed a couple and have been able to record what we did or was special to each boy every Christmas Eve they were born. I love going back to read and remember.
Christmas Eve night, we turn off all the lights except for the tree, read from the Bible the story of Jesus' birth, sing a few Christmas carols then say our prayers and tuck the boys into bed.

I want to check out a couple different blogs I've read that some people have mentioned. Mostly on Tonya's blog (link above) to add new ideas and ornaments to our holiday. What does your family do?



Awww, I feel so special. :)

I love your traditions. I just wish I had started some with Logan when he was smaller. It's harder with him because he's only with us every other Christmas. But, now that he's older I think he can actually enjoy the new traditions we make.

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