Friday, December 24, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts part 1

So, I'm sooo excited about this gift even though it definitly looks homemade. It's been a while since i've been at the sewing machine and sewing straight lines takes continued practice :)

I got the idea from, I bet you'll be surprised, but I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar and there you
will find a link to Mode Bake shop that has a detailed tutorial. Here is my version of the little wallet. *Notice that her seams are much straighter than mine!

This is totally an upcycled gift made from clothes that were given to me that I couldn't wear, so I will be making them into crafts-with the giver's permission!

A dress I used for the wallet and the mesh underneath

The shirt trim I used

I cut out my size from dress/mesh and used a lightweight interfacing inbetween for support.

I cut 4 small rectangles to hold cards and sewed the wallet together

I wanted to round the edge and a cd was the perfect guide

Here's both sides sewn and rounded

I then trimmed the pieces for the cards

Then I measured and sewed each end together, so the cards wouldn't fall out

I sewed the pieces on to one end and trimmed off extra material

Beginning to take shape, and look like a wallet

I trimmed the whole thing, found a rattle and recycled the velcro, then put a button in the middle for the last touch

Again, has some mistakes um,charm to it, but I plan on making a couple more so they will improve. Not bad when I haven't crafted in forever. Next I'll post pics of the biker bracelet I made for my brother in law and wild rags for my brother!!!



WOW!! So impressed!!! One day I'll break out my sewing machine and learn to day maybe when Brady is, um, 18. Ha!

Tiffani Rose

That is so cute!! Good job!!


Cute cute cuteeeeee!!!!! nice material ;)

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