Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm writing a book

As the kids get older, it gets harder to remember the true meaning of Christmas with the flash of new toys and the familiar sound of "HOHOHO". We have always tried really hard to incorporate the two into Christmas, but keep emphasis on it being about Jesus' birth and not Santa bringing toys. So i'm on a mission to write a book that will do just that. I have few ideas and of course falling back on how we explain Santa to Seth.

Quick version being nice guy St. Nick was so happy that Jesus was born he wanted to celebrate by being nice and giving gifts to everyone. It's become a tradition and to show our love and unselfishness we give gifts-like the wise men.

Haha, I may have confused YOU, cause i'm pretty sure I just confused myself and I know the story we tell, but you get the idea. Any ideas, or would you like to share how you explain things in your house?



Very cool! How do you find the, husband, school, house? You better let me know when you're done with that book. I'll for sure buy it. :)


That's the story I'm trying to tell too...but it's just confusing the beans out of Ben! I saw Veggie Tales has a ST Nicholas dvd, I'm going to get that & hopefully that might explain the story....
If you do write that book I'd buy it!

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