Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Times are different now

Maybe your family was different, but one thing I got from my parents was to always lend a helping hand. I remember when we were little, if someone was on the side of the road, we always stopped to see if there was anything we could do. If it was my mom and us girls and we passed a women-especially if she had children with her-we always stopped to see if we could take them somewhere. I can't tell you how many times I remember crawling into the back seat (not always willingly) so we could let some stranger crawl in and take them to their destination. Not always did this stranger smell so pleasant either. *most of you are probably having racing thought about how dangerous and unsafe this was, which leads me to my point.

Most of us think that way, because now days it IS dangerous! Oh, I'm sure it was during that time too, but people didn't seem to be as, well, evil as they are now. You didn't fear that it was some ploy to get you to pick them up so they could turn around and rape/kill you. It wasn't some sick pedophiles way of gaining access to your kids. No most times, they actually needed a ride and were appreciative for it.

Tonight I passed someone in my hunt for working Internet so I could take my tests that I was panicking over, which turned out not to be due till the next day...sheesh. Anyway, as I was on Texoma Parkway turning onto 82, I saw in the pouring down rain this precious old man and his dog, on a bicycle waiting to cross the road. I had cars behind me, but for some reason I REALLY felt inclined to help him, and take them somewhere out of the rain. With cars waiting, there was nothing I could do about it at that point, so I circled back around to find him but couldn't. I did eventually end up passing him again, and due to traffic, wasn't where I could stop that time either. But I did notice the sign on the back of his bike and looked it up when I got home. My little old man is actually traveling across America in support of dog shelters trying to raise awareness and money to help support them. I'm sure he is a sweet man, who is madly in love with his dog, but by first glace you probably wouldn't think that and surely wouldn't consider helping him.
Isn't it sad that times have gotten this way. I think so. I'm not all that old, but I miss being able to know who your neighbors were, knowing it was safe to ride your bike around the block. Helping a person in need and not worry about their intentions.

Maybe it's one of my classes- Race Gender and Ethics- that really has me thinking, or maybe it's just late night rambling...who knows. Either way we are studying the the difference in way people are treated due to race/gender and economic/social status, or just off your first impression. I know i'm guilty of making a judgement call just based off they way a person looks or smells.
I may never try to help someone on the side of the road again - especially if I have my boys with me - but I can at least give a smile, have a kind word, or maybe if a waiter/waitress or check out person is a little rude, try harder to be friendly because who knows what they may be dealing with that day. A kind person may be just what they need to make a difference. Much like the blog I learned about from Amanda Operation Beautiful, I am going to try to brighten the day of everyone I come in contact with.

Go check out my roadside guy, who's name is Leo and his little dog Sassy Max, and I hope that you are having a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!


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