Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yogurt, junk and ramblings

I have been having a problem with thrush lately (I know TMI) so I have started eating yogurt...yuck!!! I love the flavors but three bites into it, the texture takes over and makes me feel like I could get sick. I really wish I could stand the stuff. I watch the commercials and think, Well maybe I might like it now...yeah, not so much. Maybe one day?

Junk, Oh my goodness... how does one collect so much of it? We are STILL moving and have all the big stuff moved. Now it's just the little stuff like papers that you don't really want, but need like old utility bills and whatnot. I swear every time we go to bed, the stuff grows and makes more junk for me to deal with. I'm so ready for it to all be over with, because packing with a toddler and fussy baby is not the easiest thing in the world. But 2 more days and it should all be over with.

Aaaand to deal with this stress I need a boost in the mornings. Since yogurt is gross I bought the smoothie shake things. Not too bad. I try a new one and blech...splenda. This stuff does not taste like the real stuff and I can tell if it was used to make something. Not a fan. Real sugar is much better. But that's probably because I usually tend to be anti healthy. If it says diet or fat free, you guessed it...not my thing.

I have so many things swirling around i my head right now, but these were the only things I could make sense of so here ya go folks...enjoy!

Oh on a positive note, we got our tax papers today, so tomorrow time to file the old tax return. Wooohoooo!!!!!!!

oh and fyi, the keyboard i'm using sticks really bad. I try to catch my typin errors please excuse :)



i've got a good recipe for strawberry banana smoothies. you make them from scratch w/ real fruit & it doesn't take long at all! i'll try to find it if you'd like to try it.

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