Thursday, August 27, 2009

still hangin' in!

Well Folks,

Seems like it's been 700 yrs since my last post, and may be that long again till the next. We are in a responsibility battle right now. Verizon says that everything is fine on their end and the dead phone jacks are the apt. responsibility, while the apt says the line from the box to the apt is fine, Verizon needs to come install a main line (which they will not do). So needless to say that leaves us paying for phone/internet that we are not being able to use and right now seems no hope of a happy ending :(

So when I can at my parents or my in-laws I will check in.

I have a LOT of things going around in my head and I am not sure where to even begin? So I think I will end for today by saying that I'm not sure what God's future has in store for us, how many more hills we can climb only to find ourselves back in a deep valley. But I am trying my best to hold onto God's promises that he will take care of us and especially to the one that he will never give us more than we can handle. I feel I have reached that point but maybe God thinks I am stronger than what I feel right now. I am trying hard to change my thinking and not be so controling~which is VERY hard for me. It is a daily battle but I know with the Lord's help we will come out on top...eventually!

I am praying for all my friends that I know are in the same situation that we are all brought through soon.


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