Tuesday, July 7, 2009


God moves in mysterious ways...I have said that and heard that a billion times. But it became very real to me tonight!

I haven't posted in a while because we've been moving and do not have the computer set up at the new house, but I drove over here because I just HAD to share what happened to me tonight and give praise to a wonderful God!!!

I was at Bible study tonight and some really powerful stuff has hit me during the course of this study on Esther by Beth Moore. Tonight's was on fear (Esther's fear of talking to the's good stuff, go read and find out why) Anyway, afterwards one of my friends came up to me and said she had something for me. She told me how strange this was going to seem but after going home, she recieved something in the mail...for me!!!! It had an envelope inside and on the front these were the instructions:

Top Secret Mission
1. Hand deliver this envelope to Kristi Shilling
2. Kristi, you are not allowed to ask ANY questions
3. friend, you are not allowed to ask ANY qestions
4. Kriti, open alone
5. Kristi, do not attempt to find out any information about this. Just obey
6. Just deliver, no questions, no comments. This didn't even happen

Inside was a card:

Life's Pathway

At times life's path
seems filled with things
that make the going rough,
And we wish there were
a smoother road
for we feel we've had enough...

But if we pause a moment
and remember Who's in charge,
The hills that loom ahead of us
no longer seem to large.
And every rock before us
when we know we're not alone,
becomes, no just a stumbling block,
but one more stepping stone

You've overcome so many things,
and ever time you've grown
Through sheer determination
and the wisdom that you've shown.
So as you face this journey
fromt he moment you begin,
Kinow that I will guide you
and you'll have the strenght to win

Underneath this it was signed God

The contents of this envelope contained a gift card to Walmart for $100.00

Now you can't imagine my shock, disbelief and honestly complete relief to find this. I share this with you not as a pity party and surely not to upset my husband in any way but to give God glory for always meeting a need.

As I said earlier we moved and as most of you know...moving is expensive!!!!! Even if you move within the same town, you pay first months, deposit, transfer fees and just extra in getting back and forth. So this month we were paid and after rent/deposit/bills we had exactly $2.00 left at the end of payday. BUT, we hadn't had a chance to get groceries or gas yet. Now I needed to get groceries before the move but waited and was going to get them later...that didn't happen.

We have been hauling bags around in the back of the car staying with either my parents or his for the time being because of an air conditioning problem at the new house. So we had meals in the evening there, but this past week when we went back to the house and toughed out the heat, not a lot to eat. Let me tell you, if I eat another bologna sandwich...

But I am thankful we did have bologna to eat. We had our very last piece of bread tonight and only one piece of sandwich meat left that we were saving for Seth and then, Well, I didn't know what we were going to do till next payday. I know we could have gone to our parents but they have done sooooo much to help and 3 extra mouths is a lot to feed.

I can't express to you what a blessing this was for us. I haven't really quit crying yet, nor has it really sunk in yet that we can go get groceries. I know this is very selffish of me and now that this has happened, I realize just how petty it was. But Friday is John's birthday and it's the big 3-0. I knew we couldn't go out to eat and more than anything I at least wanted to be able to have him at least a small cake or something to celebrate. I had already apologized and told him to please not be expecting anything because it just didn't work out but we could do something after payday. He is such a wonderful man and didn't give it a second thought.

People I can't tell you how wonderful God is. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, son, baby on the way. And it may not have been much or what we wanted but we did have sandwiches to sustain us to this point. And now, we are able to get us some groceries and it's a walmart giftcard so that's even gas for the vehichles. I honestly can't tell you if it really just appeared out of nowhere into her mailbox, if she really did it and just won't tell me (i broke the rules and tried to find out) or if someone did mail it to her and she nor I will ever know from who. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you God because it all came from you, and thank you to ? for being the person led by God to meet a need for my family.

I'm not even going to spell check this, reread for gramatical errors, so I apologize if it's the biggest bunch of mess you've ever read. But before I can close my eyes tonight, I have to know that I have shared what a wonderful God I serve!


Journey of Hope


All I can say is that I'm crying at work all because of your joy and God's wonderful love He has for you. He is showing us just what He wants us to learn. He will always come through for us. I am blown away by this! God is doing great and mighty things! This was def. worth reading. I'm so glad God came through for you!!!

Sharidan Dillon

That is awesome!!! WOW!! I love how God works.

Thank you for sharing! I am continually praying for you guys!


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