Thursday, June 4, 2009

New friends

Last night Seth had the best time ever!

Two of the little boys in our neighborhood stopped by to see his motorcycle. They had water guns with them, so Seth wanted to go get his toy gun to show them. He came inside to get it but the boys left cause they had to go home. It was awful, he cried and cried and was sooo upset. "I wanted to show those boys my gun too" I felt so bad.

John asked him if he wanted to go back outside and play basketball and that finally got him calmed down. He was outside for maybe 10 min with John when the boys came back, but this time they had ALL the other neighborhood kids with them. All the boys stopped to talk to Seth, he was so excited. I was making super but grabbed his gun so he could have it ready this time and met him at the door looking for it. There were probably 10 boys playing with him in the front yard from 7-12yrs old. They took turns with him and let him shoot their water guns, chased him around the yard and played catch with him.

When he came in for supper he was wound up and through the roof. But so excited because "all those big boys came to play with him and they are my new friends". '

If I see them walking or playing today I am for sure going to thank them for making my little boys night last night! That was very nice of them :)


Journey of Hope

That is SO sweet! Glad he made some friends. :)

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