Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Play time

Both Seth and I spent the weekend sick but are doing much better now. We spent all day Monday in the car and Tuesday we were going for a walk but the rain set in. I surprised Seth by taking him to chick fil a to play with some of his friends and he and I both had a great time. He ran off energy and I got to talk with the momma's. When I told John we were going he was excited and said that Seth had asked him to pray the night before that he would get to play with some friends tomorrow. God answered his precious little prayer with the help of Ben, Trey and Kiefer!

Later that day after nap, he informed me that Jingle Bells had told him that she wanted to go to the puppy store where she could walk on her feet. So off to Petco we went. He was so cute holding her in the car and leading her around the store. I'm glad we got her and they have become the best of buds!!!! When his Mema came to pick him up, she was so depressed, she laid at the front door and cried for him. I tried to make her feel better but she was mad at me because I'm the one that made her go back inside and wouldn't let her go with him. She won't look at me and runs away if I try to pet her. I bet she changes her tune at dinner time!!!!! :P


Journey of Hope

Haha! I loved the story about Jingle Bells...oh and the sweet prayer that was answered for little Seth. SO SWEET!

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